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  • Bumper and lift

    I will probably get a lot of flack for this question but what is the availability of the lift and bumper for the Ram HD. It shows out of stock???

    Also I will be going to the Overland Expo west in May does AEV do any deals on part there.

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    We are currently out of stock. The suspension system should be the first thing back, hopefully within the next few weeks. The bumpers are another issue. We just aren't getting as many as we would like. We are working as fast as we can to fill the backorder and be able to sell them retail again.

    As far as deals at Overland Expo or any shows, our prices remain the same year round. We do not discount our products.
    Chris Holt
    Marketing Associate, AEV
    248-926-0256 x272


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      Thanks Chris