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2017 Ram Recruit Pricing Guidance

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  • 2017 Ram Recruit Pricing Guidance

    I am entertaining selling my 2017 Ram 1500 Recruit and wanted to get some pricing guidance from the forum prior to listing. I bought the truck new in February 2018 and then got moved to the D.C. area where it doesn't fit in hardly any parking garages. I got an appraisal from a dealer (non-AEV) and it was super low. I know that this forum will appreciate the truck for what it is and help me figure out a fair market value. I am attaching the window stickers with the information on the truck. The condition of the truck is like new with no scratches or dings on the interior and exterior. It has 11,500 miles on it. (4 Feb 2019) My initial thoughts were around the 55k mark. Thanks for your help.
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    I've been following these forums for a while now as I was planning to build up my 2018 1500 with some AEV Recruit Parts (Lift, Wheels, maybe Bumper). If your truck had been listed for $55k 3 months ago I would have been interested. It seems like a fair price in my opinion. By the way, you can get the original (aka easier to read) window sticker of your truck here:

    I feel like there isn't a ton (or should that be 1/2 ton) of love for the Recruits - it seems to me that the Prospector and PXL get most of the attention. That maybe because they were released earlier and/or there's more of them or it might be because the 1500 just isn't as capable of a truck. I'm coming to realize that last point myself after I've loaded mine with a Snugtop (275lbs) and a drawer system (200lbs) I then checked the payload and it's a paltry 1141 lbs. That means 4 dudes in my truck with nothing in the drawers will have me legally overloaded! I'm not sure what the door sticker for your Laramie is but I wouldn't trust the online Mopar tool as it shows my truck having a 1440lbs payload when I punch in the VIN.

    Anyway, I think if you aren't in a rush to sell it your price seems reasonable and someone will take it off your hands. Good luck my friend.