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AEV Wheel Packaging Problems

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  • AEV Wheel Packaging Problems

    So I purchased 4 katla wheels the other day. Package comes, open the box (which was beat to crap due to high quality UPS), and notice the wheel is bent. Not just a lil bent, but enough to visually notice. Ok, I get it, submit a claim with the company I purchased it from, blah blah, and they send me a new wheel. The new box comes (still beat to crap by UPS) and the new wheel has what looks like a ding from being dropped. So my question is this: has anyone else experienced this? Is it a UPS thing or an AEV thing? I know that all the companies I have worked for in the past perform ISTA 2A testing for packaging validations...has AEV?

    I feel like this will be an ever lasting cycle at this point and I have to say I am fairly disappointed with poor packaging done by AEV but also with the handling by UPS...

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    My AEV wheels came to my home without any problems, but I don’t remember them being wrapped or protected overly well. I just ordered a set of raceline avengers and they came in a large box, shrink wrapped, and foamed around them, there was no way they could move or get damaged... now that we packaging. Good luck, I’m sure everyone will point their fingers at each other and play the blame game.


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      All the nice boxes are being used for the chevy parts.

      Unfortunately you’re gonna have to send it back once again. Maybe call AEV and let them know what’s going on.
      Jim Walker
      2012 Sahara Tan JKUR


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        Hi ffejer78, I’m sorry you’re having a bad experiencing with the wheel packaging. While most of our wheels (and other products) ship without any issues, some do arrive damaged from time to time.

        Unfortunately because of the wheels were purchased from a dealer, it’s a little harder for us to track down the cause of your specific issue. However, feel free to give us a call at 248-926-0256 and ask to speak with someone on our parts sales team so they can help you track down the issue.

        Originally posted by walker111 View Post
        All the nice boxes are being used for the chevy parts.
        I can assure you that’s definitely not the case.


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          Hi RJ...thanks for the response. I appreciate reaching out. The dealer I have been going through has been claiming it as UPS damage. Although I cant contest the high quality ability of UPS (sarcasm intended), just thought the ‘shake, rattle and roll’ drop testing might be something for AEV to consider.

          Aside from that, I am certain Chevy isn’t using ‘all the nice boxes’... since they would definitely have to outsource that ability...


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            You're welcome ffejer78. We obviously want you to get your wheel (or any other product) in mint condition the first time. Damage in shipping makes for a bad customer experience and it adds to our costs. It's a huge bummer for everyone involved.


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              Got my AEV saltas today, two of them are scuffed badly one has a dent large enough I won't be using it at all.

              Time to call AEV.
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