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4th Gen AEV winch bumper on 3rd Gen Ram

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  • 4th Gen AEV winch bumper on 3rd Gen Ram

    As the title states. Any thoughts from the AEV crew or anyone else with experience installing front bumpers on both models? Intercooler interference? The AEV bumper is about the only winch bumper I like that doesn't stick out a mile from the front of the truck.

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    If you have looked into stock 4th gen bumpers on 3rd gen trucks its custom made brackets to get those to fit. I think with the gaps I have seen on trucks with that swap it will look incomplete. Good luck, give it a shot.


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      Yeah those brackets are what got me thinking on this in the first place. I think with an 03-05 grill the swaps look pretty good with minimal gaps. Just curious if a strong enough “adapter” could be made to do the job.