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  • AEV snap for 19 plus trucks

    I recently bought a snap for the new 19 on up 2500/3500. I noted several websites that sell them do not say not for power wagons. I ordered one up and got it super fast from AEV as usual. I installed the snap in my 19 power wagon and while reading the instructions on the AEV website I noted they say not for power wagons. I read on ram forum several power wagon owners that are using them with no issues, so I went ahead and paired it, which worked fine. Then I went to set the new tire size and I’m getting every warning light on the dash and no speedometer. I can’t clear the codes and can’t drive the truck without a speedometer. I called AEV tech support and was quick to get ahold of someone, they mentioned they have heard of this before and transferred me to a person “that deals with electronics”, they talked with me and stated, “I’ll transfer you to my power wagon guy that works on this”, when I was transferred to this person, I got the message, sorry we are closed for the day.

    please help! I need to drive this truck to get back and forth to work, thanks!

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    Update, still no return call from AEV, I called their tech today and asked them if I need to have my truck taken to the dealer to get it reprogrammed or if they had some option since I can’t drive my truck with no speedometer. They advised me that Jordan has a way to reset it and they will have him call me, still no call back from Jordan. This sucks, I wish they would call or something, if they can’t help let me know so I can get it to the dealer.


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      Still no call back from Jordan, left 2 voice mails and an email. I got to say, AEV builds awesome innovative products, but there customer service is still horrible. I know my employer wouldn’t tolerate this. If I don’t hear back, I guess I’ll pay to have my truck towed to the dealer and reflashed, sucks having to bum a ride everywhere.


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        Well, AEV won’t call me back, truck is getting towed to the dealer for repairs, who knows how much that will cost and they can’t get me in until the next of next week. I realize this is my fault, the thing that bothers me is the tech stated that Jordan has a way to fix this in my driveway and he won’t call be back. If he doesn’t have a fix or doesn’t want to tell me, at lest call back.

        Be cautious when dealing with AEV, their customer service is horrible.