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Prospector HD hydraulic ram-assist steering install

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  • Prospector HD hydraulic ram-assist steering install

    I just finished installing my steering assist kit. Pretty straight forward. Although I will point out that if you're not paying attention *points at myself* it's REAL easy to cover the world in power steering fluid, when you're bleeding the system. Also, during the bleeding process, you need to actuate the brakes, in order to make sure there's no air up in the hydraulic brake booster. Here's the link to a helpful youtube video, regarding bleeding your steering system:

    Also another thing to note, is the position of your steering wheel/steering shaft, when you disconnect it from the steering gear-box. If you DON'T reassemble it correctly, you'll get a "service Electronic Brake System" message, and the associated indicator light, on the dash. After spending the day trying to figure it out, I finally found this post, that led me to find the source of the issue:

    My post, with a (gigantic) screen shot of my trouble codes is at the bottom of page three. I'll paste the post below. I hope this is helpful for you Prospector DIYers


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    Bungonia said:
    I have found the cause of the ESC light on; no cruise control & service electronic brakes on my truck. I had an oil change and tire rotation and found the steering box was leaking. The steering box was changed and then I noticed the above. It was WiTeched a few times and always showed a SCCM fault code. This was cleared but the light almost immediately returned. Today it was investigated further. The SCCM (Steering Column Control Module) fault message referred to over rotation of the steering wheel. In the end the problem was the steering was hooked back when the steering wheel was through one full revolution - rather than at zero degrees it was at 360deg - so the SCCM sensor was picking up over revolution of the steering. The fix was easy once the problem was identified and I now have cruise control and no ESC light or brake warnings.

    This was MY problem too! I just did a hydraulic, ram-assist steering setup. After everything was all back together, I was bleeding the system, and that light came on. I figured it was because the brake booster noticed there was air in the system. After I finished bleeding the system, I did a whole system scan on the truck. It showed a steering wheel sensor error. Turns out I had the steering linkage on one revolution clockwise. I disconnected the linkage at the steering box, did one revolution in the counterclockwise, test drove it, and the light went away.