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Finally someone who walks a mile in your shoes!

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  • Finally someone who walks a mile in your shoes!

    To start, I have had nothing but trouble with my 2014 ram 2500 recently. Apparently at 100k, my truck sucks it. Now for the worst...after an alignment issue (local shop), a coil spring issue (Ram), the dreaded Y pipe issue (Ram) and a traction control issue (general wear and tear), I got to enjoy a new issue. All of this has happened within eight (8) months. Frustrated with my truck, I started to checkout the forums and see if anyone else has experienced my issue (AKA I was trying to assign blame on someone else like AEV). As I was scouring the forum, I found wisdom in something Wapitihunter said to not state something on the forum without calling AEV first. Feeling this was the best idea, I called AEV today.

    I was fully prepared to get the cold shoulder, pull out the credit card and die a little inside. I spoke with Chris. I explained my situation, was honest about the fact it could be installation error, alignment error (long story) or fat chick sitting in the truck error and offered up my credit card hoping I’d have enough room to hit a bar later on today to wallow in self pity. I understand this sounds like a county song, but ironically enough, Chris was understanding and is next day airing out my parts. He understands this is my daily driver with my 2 year old / 4 year old boys so safety is paramount. I don’t want to get into the issue of what happened since I feel my message would be lost, but I feel that accolades are due. Yes, Chris was cool enough to send out parts next day air (without charge), no my credit card was not charged, and Chris sent out parts that were required to fix my truck (even though AEV didn’t make them) all i wanted to do was say thanks. In my years of being on this earth I have learned that all companies are here to make money. We know this. But, I have only had 2 companies take care of me like this where they have wanted to help someone out who buys their parts. (The other was decked.)

    With the world as it is today, it seem all people hear about is the bad, selfish people / companies out there. I figured this deserved a post and ultimately, I just wanted to say “Thanks” to Chris and the AEV team.

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    As a possible future AEV owner... you just catapulted me closer to the finish line with this endorsement. Thank you!


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      II had a similar great experience with AEV customer service - their products and customer service are awesome. I had an issue with a cracked pintler wheel on my Jeep (due to a manufacturing defect). AEV went above and beyond to take care of everything. Combine that with the outstanding performance of my 2.5 in dual sport suspension, and whatever my next vehicle is (JLU or Ram 2500), I'll be upgrading suspension, bumpers, etc with AEV parts.


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        I’m glad to see I am not the only one who appreciates the customer service. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll harp when I feel it’s deserved. But I think that we really don’t give enough “atta boy” to people who deserve it. I hope but don’t expect a product to have zero issues. I do expect a company to take care of me if I have a product issue. AEV has done that. The thing that sets AEV apart is safety. I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old. They replaced Ram parts to ensure my truck is safe. That’s something you don’t hear of anymore.


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          Excellent to hear about. Well done AEV!


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            Cool. My experience a few times.

            that said I’ll never own another fiat. What a pain in the ass this truck has been, most of it Fiat crap. Good thing it’s paid off....
            2014 CCSB Tradesman 2500 -- G56 -- AEV dualsport -- AEV Salta -- 37x12.5r17 Toyo M/T -- AEV bumper -- VisionX 6.7" light cannon and lightbar -- Warn 16.5TI -- Mopar flares -- 8.4" Uconnect swap w/ customtronix jailbreak (front/rear/trailer cam) -- 3.73 gears w/ ARB front and rear -- Switch-Pros 8100