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  • ARB compressor mounting location

    Hello all. Looking for suggestions on where to mount an ARB twin compressor and solutions from others, preferably under the hood. I have ruled out in the cab, too noisy, or in the RamBox as I don't have those. So please don't make that suggestion. Ideally I'm gearing towards under the hood. Has anyone had success mounting one there. I can't believe no one makes an under hood mounting plate for these when there are literally a couple dozen for the Jeep guys to choose from.

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    I’m in the same boat. I don’t have a ram box either and I would consider the cab as a last resort. i have seen a few on the fuse box...but I have my SPOD there. Every other location has higher heat or a battery in the way. The only thing I can think of would be the inner fender on passenger side? It would be tough to work around the air filter / turbo tubing but I think it can be done. (I thought I heard someone on the cumminsforum put it there).

    I also heard above the DEF container is a good location but I have also see how dirty it can get up there. I’ve also heard about the spare tire but I have my tire there. I’m considering a plastic box with a latch that mounts under the truck. That would be easiest in my opinion.