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Is AEV discontinuing Ram 1500 line??

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  • Is AEV discontinuing Ram 1500 line??

    I noticed most of the recruit/1500 products have been out of stock for a while. Is AEV discontinuing the RAM 1500 line? If not, when will products be back in stock?

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    I was wondering the same thing. Would love to get the front bumper for my 2011 Ram build.


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      Same. I just got a bonus and was finally going to do the lift and bumper I've been planning for a while only to find out that it's still out of stock. Is the RAM 1500 effectively end of life'd for AEV?

      I did notice the Ram Recruit is no longer shown in the vehicle section...
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        I asked on their Facebook and this is what I got.

        JK Roof Rack
        JK Corner Guards
        JK Hood
        Bilstein 5160 shocks / RS Suspensions (JK)
        Onyx Salta wheel (JK)
        Silver Pintler wheel (JK)
        Machined Borah wheel (JK)
        Delta wheel (1500)
        Mesa wheel (1500)
        Ram HD Hood
        Teetering on the lineā€¦
        Ram 1500 Front Bumper
        Ram 1500 Suspensions
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          I've been looking into buying a used recruit and in my research, I found they are indeed discontinuing the recruit line. They said they are fulfilling existing orders and will have replacement parts available but that's about it.


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            I was told they are discontinuing the 4th Gen stuff. Their focus is moving to the 5th Gen.
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