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Picking up PXL next week

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  • Picking up PXL next week

    I am picking up my PXL early next week and have been wondering about how it should be broken in?? I have an 800 mile drive home. Any thoughts how it should be driven ? GO

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    All the manual says is no heavy towing for 500 miles. I drove mine home from Detroit, varied speed and gave it a rest after 30-50 miles a couple times. Then I pretty much drove as normal, but would vary speed and bump the transmission down a gear periodically. Even now I rarely let it run in 6th, RPMs are too low without regearing. I also changed the oil after about 2000 miles.

    I make no claim that any of this was necessary.


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      I have zero guidance for you (sorry) but just wanted to say congrats, and be sure to post some photos! I am waiting for mine to leave the RAM factory, should be early May, and head to AEV.


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        Yes, congrats and please post pics! Mine is sitting in their parking lot now waiting for its build slot next week. Hoping to have it by end of May. Enjoy!!!!


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          I'm interested also. Looking forward to seeing some pics.


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            ^^Me too. Have you picked it up??