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  • Diesel Only?

    Hi all, new member and am looking at these awesome trucks thinkin I want to get one soon. Previously I have owned a Dodge Ram 1500 and a 3500 Cummins. I now have a Jeep JK Rubi and I miss all the room and utility of a full size truck. So, a quick question on why they are only building the PXL on the diesel platform vs the Hemi? I assume it's because of the 40" tires and the gearing available currently, but the gasser has the option of the 4.10 axles right, so just wondering if it would really be much worse given that? I love the Cummins but for my everyday use not sure it makes sense for me to go with a diesel again as I don't tow much. Thanks all!

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    Did you try to order one with the gas setup and they declined? (I mean, I can imagine that the shocks, etc. are tuned for the weight of the diesel up front and not the lighter gas engine and if most folks buying an HD want the diesel anyway, maybe there hasn’t been enough demand to develop the kit for gas?)


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      SilverMiner67 They used to build on the gas engine, as you may have seen a few PXL Power Wagons, but I think you're right about gearing. And apparently there is nothing coming from AAM anytime soon to help us. Mine is at AEV now being built and I'm very curious to see how it feels with 40's on 3.73 gears. No immediate towing needs, but I'm sure I will tow from time to time.


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        To answer Jim, I didn't try to order but I was told they are only doing diesels by the AEV rep.


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          When I spoke with several folks at AEV around six months ago they confirmed they were not building PXLs with the gas engines due to no gearing being available.

          The kinda good news is that AAM now has 4.44 gearing for the new rear 11.5" axles as well as the fronts. I would like to see 4.89s or possibly even 5.13s myself.