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2021 Prospector XL Gears.

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  • 2021 Prospector XL Gears.

    Has anyone had any luck yet on finding gears for a 2021 yet? Wanting to switch these things out ASAP. 40's with 3.73's just ain't cutting it.

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    You can get 4.44s from AAM nothing lower available yet.


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      Originally posted by ExpoCrawler View Post
      You can get 4.44s from AAM nothing lower available yet.
      That should make the effective gear ratio with 40's match the original size tire. Better than nothing if it's available.


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        where can you get 4.44s from AAM? I would love to know. Neither of my two local axle/gear shops can find them

        I have the AAM 12.0 rear-
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          I'd be curious too. I haven't heard of any gears from AAM yet for the 19+'s.


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            I'm with everyone else here, I looked up AMM and see 4.44's but my local shop is telling me they can get the set for the front but all they can find for the rear is 4.10's.....If anyone has a part number for a 2021 please let me know.


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              You can get the rears fine here…


              The problem is finding the front gears. Since they have to match (unless you own a tire shop) that’s the problem. You could try a conversion, but that seems too sketchy for me to put money into. I find it ironic as I have a 2014 and I could find front gears all day but no rears for the 4.44. Went 4.56 which I think would be perfect for 40” but are a touch tall for 37”. So…what I am hearing is I should start my own business making gears for the 19+ trucks?!?
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                I will be running 37s and might consider 4.56 but will most likely hold out for 4.88 gears since I am running the 6.4L Hemi. Switching from factory 4.10 to 4.44 just is not enough for me to bite.

                If you order a RAM 3500 chassis cab you can specify factory 4.44 gears.

                Click image for larger version

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