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  • Towing 2500 Prospector XL

    Hey all! New member here, and waiting to receive my 22 Ram 2500D then off to AEV for the Prospector XL treatment. I was reading they have the 40x13.50x17 Toyo as the tire of choice. Based on those specs its a 10 ply side Load E, with a max psi of 37 psi. The factory 2021 Ram 2500D has a front psi range of 60-75 and rear 60-80 psi. Does anyone have specific experience in towing with prospector xl with the Toyo 40's and or hauling close to payload in the box and how it performs?

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    No experience towing with it yet but be careful buying a 2500 for towing, the rated capacity is so low that it's very easy to exceed. I got a Megacab Limited that came from AEV at over 9300 lbs with a rating of 10000 - if I put my wife, son and dog in it, with nothing in the bed, I'm within 100 lbs of the GVWR. And this truck has the air suspension! I'm confident I can actually put some weight in the bed or on the hitch because the axle weight ratings are 6200 front and rear, but still - the weight ratings they use for the 2500 do not actually allow you to carry much, my truck had an ostensible rating of 1600 lbs from the factory, and by the time you add 40" tires, winch, etc., you're under 1000, which is supposed to include the passengers. Now that GVWR is of course also not really accounting for the fact that by running 40" wheels, you're adding hundreds of pounds of unsprung weight that will stress the brakes a lot more than the axles and suspension in most circumstances, etc., and those brakes are designed to stop a heavy trailer as well as the truck, but still. If you read the HD forums, you'll see a lot of folks telling you that if you're going to spend time towing anything of significance, get a 3500 not a 2500. It won't be quite as comfy a ride but you won't have to worry about these issues quite so much.


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      I've only towed fairly small trailers (<5k), no issues. I would have no problems towing heavy with it, lots have, including AEV. Assuming you choose the 68RFE all of the drivetrain and brakes are the same between the 2500 and 3500, only difference is the springs. 2500s are a lot less tolerant of tall, heavy loads (like a slide-in camper) because the coils are pretty close together, and susceptible to sway. This is less of a concern while towing, but a 3500 will be more stable in both cases.

      Since your post indicates that you already have a truck on order, I'll assume the 2500 vs 3500 debate is irrelevant at this point anyway. It seems like you're more interested in tire size/pressure. The load capacity of the 40 at 35psi is the same as a stock 32 at 80psi. Because the tire is bigger, there is a lot more volume of air at 35psi than a smaller tire. They can handle the weight. If you look inside the door jamb when you receive your Prospector, you'll see that the tire pressure sticker has been updated to indicate 40x13.50R17, 35psi.

      Bottom line: AEV prides themselves on maintaining all the towing/hauling capabilities of the stock Ram. It can do the job. With that said, you will likely experience a little more wander, and a little longer breaking distance at max rating. Nothing I would call "dangerous", but we all have different tolerances there.