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Bed step for high-clearance bumper?

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  • Bed step for high-clearance bumper?

    I had the factory deployable bed step on my last truck and found it really helpful for getting into the back. That step got removed during the conversion, presumably because it did not fit well with the high-clearance bumper. But it's pretty challenging to get into the back of the PXL even for me and I'm 6'2", especially if it's not sitting on flat ground. So far I've been making it work by climbing up on the bumper round tube or by climbing up the tire and over the side, but if that bumper is wet or the tires are muddy, it seems pretty precarious and prone to injury. So, I'm wondering if anyone has found a good solution for this that can be installed on the truck. My backup plan is to just carry a step-ladder, but that has its own drawbacks. I've looked at the AMP Research bed step, but I don't know if I can get it installed high enough that it doesn't stick down below the bumper when it's stowed.
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