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Tire pressures for snow/sand?

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  • Tire pressures for snow/sand?

    I've got a trip coming up where there is a decent potential for needing to do some snow wheeling to get to my destination. I am curious what kind of tire pressures people have used successfully on their 40x13.5 tires without de-beading them for situations like this where there is little lateral load on the tire and maximum floatation is desired? I'd really like to avoid needing to swap on my spare tire in the snow. For reference, my PXL came with the Cooper STT Pro instead of the Toyo Open Country M/T. I expect most people will have had experience with the Toyo, but I'm just looking for a ballpark number right now. I feel safe going down to 15psi, but I'm wondering if I could safely do 10psi or maybe a bit lower on these wheels given that it will be just snow, no rock crawling, and the road will be relatively level as far as lateral slope is concerned.

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    I've been down to 5 with the Toyos. Ran that way quite a bit in snow without issue, but I usually try 8-10 first and lower if I need to. I suspect they're a bit stiffer than the Coopers. I would start at 10 and drop more if you get stuck.
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      Thanks for the feedback! Luckily, I didn't end up needing it this weekend because enough snow had been cleared/melted that the truck plowed through without much issue. I did rescue an F150 that drove in with woefully inadequate tires (well-worn H/T's). The 50F temps, rain, and wind we had on Friday was playing havoc with the road conditions, especially come Saturday when everything was crunchy again with pockets of slush hidden under icy ruts. Gotta love this truck for taking it all like a champ, though!