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TJ Big Brake Kit BBK rotor replacement

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  • TJ Big Brake Kit BBK rotor replacement

    I'm planning on upgrading my TJ AEV 17" BBK rotors with some from EBC. I've had good luck with EBC rotors in the past. All of the AEV and forum references to the rotors used are somewhat vague, describing them as "2009 Dodge Ram 1500" rotors. That's good for a start, but when I look for a specific part number, I'm presented with questions such as 2wd vs. 4wd, engine type/displacement, trim level, etc. Maybe all '09 Ram 1500 rotors are the same, but I'm not confident enough to place an order. Can anyone (parts gurus?) narrow down the selection somehow?

    I've contacted AEV "support" three times on this but have never gotten an answer. TJ's and TJ owners no longer exist at AEV. Have you seen what a TJ Pintler sellers for on eBay? How much trouble would it be to make another run of Pintlers? I'm having one repaired and refinished now for $300.

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    Subscribed. I am looking for cheaper upgrade option than Vanco kit.
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      The rotors for the 17" kit used Dodge Ram 1/2 ton brakes, shouldn't matter what engine/trim, from years 03-09. Of course youll have to have them redrilled for 5x4.5. Wouldnt take but a few minutes to take a wheel off and compare the new rotor to the old.

      Bathindian, the vanco or blackmagic brakes are the only upgrade for the TJ/LJ and they arent cheap, but you can always buy a nice set of pads.


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        There are a bunch of threads on the "Jeep Forum" & "Wrangler Forum" using WJ knuckles and redrilled rotors.

        From what I understand, it requires a unit bearing spacer due to the knuckle/hub/rotor combination being narrower than a TJ.

        It also flips the drag link giving you a high steer setup which requires a high mount track bar bracket (to prevent bump steer).

        Quite a bit of work but cheaper than the Vanco kit and supposedly equivalent stopping power to the Vanco 16" kit.
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          Ran the WJ knuckle conversion on my TJ. By far well worth the time and money. Steering was really improved with the conversion

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            I would do the WJ knuckle swap again on another TJ. I found it made quite a difference on many levels, not just braking.
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              Blackmagicbrakes super 16 on my rubicon. Made a huge difference, and was basically bolt on.
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