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AEV/Nth 5.5" Stretch Bracket Kit

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  • AEV/Nth 5.5" Stretch Bracket Kit

    Looking at stretch options for my LJ. Obviously everybody is going to recommend the long arms. I like to idea of running short arms with a stretch. Basically moving back the bracketry and keeping the suspension mounts as close to stock as possible, outside of location, so as to be able to run normal TJ/LJ lift components. This may or may not attract some conflicting opinions so please try to keep this as on-topic as possible. Looking for some input from AEV guys in particular.

    The product I'm currently looking at is an Nth design but I'm not sure if its AEV/Nth or just Nth. It is the 5.5" rear stretch bracket kit seen here:

    I'm looking for installation instructions and/or photos of before/during/post installation. This product seems to be something that would fulfill my interests. Naturally, I understand this requires a ton of other relative modifications to fuel system, body/corners, coil bucket relocation, etc. I like the straightforwardness and simplicity of just moving everything back, instead of hacking the axle and frame and reinstalling a plethora of brackets.



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    Ive been researching stretch options a long time. I think the best way to go would be the rokmen mid arm. Everything is factory-ish. Of course Savvy is about to release their own mid-arm and all the jeepforum junkies will be jumping on-board with that. Im really not sure if these Nth brackets are what youre really after. The Nth 5.5 stretch was designed for the TJ using the rest of the Nth suspension -they had a stinger and control arms for this application. These parts are actually shorter than the LJ stuff they make.

    If you were really ambitious youd grab the rear section of a TJ frame and if you cut everything just right you can stretch the frame so the rear LJ frame has TJ proportions/departure angle.