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2006 LJ Highline Safari Top JK axles

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    Where did you get the safari top?


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      Originally posted by Kirby N. View Post
      Where did you get the safari top?
      Here you go:

      Ben Hedrick
      HEDRICK Speedsports

      "Ive got a Jeep problem"
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      2003 6.4L "Stroker" HEMI AEV Brute - Sold
      2005 4.0L SC AEV K9 Brute - Sold
      2014 345 HEMI Rubicon Xpo Adventurer
      2000 4.0L AEV 112 Long Wheelbase
      2006 4.0L AEV Brute Rubicon


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        Woah! looks like a pretty good sale going on for the Safari tops. Kirby, I found that top for sale used. It was one of the first production tops Gr8Tops made, and being as such there were many refinements made soon after. I had some things I didnt like about it for that reason and parted with it. It was unique and got some good looks. Being as how its not a daily driver it will most likely stay topless. Top ended up going to a Father and Son who wanted to build an FJ inspired LJ -the top was obviously the key component to their build.


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          Originally posted by Will Cabell View Post
          A good friend of mine welded on the trusses and we got the rear in place. Also discovered after removing the brackets on the front axle that the housing was bent. Upgraded to a J8 front housing -shouldn't have a problem with the tubes now.
          Which axle truss/bracket kit did you use front and rear? Looks like great stuff
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            I believe from my conversations with Will he used the Artec brackets. They are out of North Salt Lake.