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2006 LJ Highline Safari Top JK axles

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    Where did you get the safari top?


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      Originally posted by Kirby N. View Post
      Where did you get the safari top?
      Here you go:

      Ben Hedrick
      HEDRICK Speedsports

      "Ive got a Jeep problem"
      2007 5.7L HEMI Sahara Unlimited - Sold
      2010 6.1L HEMI Rubicon Unlimited - Sold
      2011 6.4L (392) HEMI Rubicon Unlimited - Sold
      2002 4.0L AEV Brute - Sold
      2003 6.4L "Stroker" HEMI AEV Brute - Sold
      2005 4.0L SC AEV K9 Brute - Sold
      2014 345 HEMI Rubicon Xpo Adventurer
      2000 4.0L AEV 112 Long Wheelbase
      2006 4.0L AEV Brute Rubicon


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        Woah! looks like a pretty good sale going on for the Safari tops. Kirby, I found that top for sale used. It was one of the first production tops Gr8Tops made, and being as such there were many refinements made soon after. I had some things I didnt like about it for that reason and parted with it. It was unique and got some good looks. Being as how its not a daily driver it will most likely stay topless. Top ended up going to a Father and Son who wanted to build an FJ inspired LJ -the top was obviously the key component to their build.