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JK Rear Seat (2 DR) in my LJ

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  • JK Rear Seat (2 DR) in my LJ

    This one is different than others or at least did not find any threads of this being done.

    My wife motivated this thread after our last Jeep Jamboree trip. After we came back she says to me... I want a rear seatwith headrests in our LJ. She feels that the kids will be a little more protected and more comfortable. At this point one is out of the car seat and the other is soon to be. So did some research of what others have done and found these ideas:

    And others in which they simply drill the TJ's back seat frame and add head rests.

    I liked the idea of a JK 2 door rear seat and immediately started looking for one. That same day I found a Jeep owner selling his 2016 JK 2 door rear seat for $60! The seat still looks new! Either way I could not loose on this one, so I brought it home.
    My friend Bob and I started studying the JK seat in the LJ and figured out the following:
    - The front latches from the JK will latch onto the LJ floor bracket. Minor tweak required.
    - The pins for the rear latches in the JK are smaller than in the LJ. Minor tweak required.
    - The JK floor bracket’s pins are higher in the front than in the rear.
    - The latches front to back and side to side between the two models are really close. So I bought TJ floor brackets as these are 4 independent pieces that allow adjustment. Cost $60 shipped to my house. The LJ brackets are "fixed" front to back.
    - We could fit the bottom of the seat between the LJ wheel wells by cutting and shrinking the bottom frame. The rear latch mechanisms will have to be swapped from sides. The slits for the cart seat latches will have to be moved.
    - We could then cut and shrink the back frame to fit the bottom frame. The cutting is not the same as the one posted on the links above!
    - We would have to remove very small sections of foam from the back cushion only.
    - Use the LJ seat belt latch because they are not compatible. Eliminate the JK seat belt latch from the seat.

    I then measured the frame's tubes and pipes and bought some tube and pipe to strengthen some of the places We cut and rejoined. I bought material that I did not use, but it was part of the learning experience. The extra metal used cost about $32 and I have plenty left over.

    Therefore, after some careful planning and cutting, grinding, welding and painting, here is the final product installed!

    Both kids and adults are comfortable in this seat.
    2016 JKU Rubicon Hard Rock
    2005 TJ HEMI Unlimited Rubicon
    2002 TJ Sport (Rebuilt)
    1982 CJ8 Scrambler (Sold)
    2006 TJ Unlimited Rubicon (sold)

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    Nicely done! I assume the jk seat does not tumble forward?