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Questions on rebuilding my suspension with new Nth 3 springs

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  • Questions on rebuilding my suspension with new Nth 3 springs

    I am in the planning phase for rebuilding my suspension system this winter on my 2005 LJ Rubicon with manual transmission. My current setup is 2" BDS springs with Bilstein 5160 shocks. I have a couple questions for those who are running AEV or Nth degree springs and looking for some input. Thank you in advance.

    1) How do current Nth degree springs compare to old AEV springs. Any quality issues or changes in specs that anyone is aware of.

    2) What shocks do you run with your 3" Nth/AEV progressives and how do you like them. I love my 5160s, but they seem to have issues with developing a dead spot over winter. I noticed it last winder and replaced the shocks and I think they have done it again. But I'm too scared to pull them off to check them. I love the ride and control of the 5160s (when new) on my linear rate springs, but I would love to hear what others are using on their progressive Nth degree springs.

    3) I installed shock shifters a few years ago but I have since removed them because I lost 1" of up travel. Has anyone else ever noticed this? Any solutions?

    4) Does anyone have experience with Synergy control arms? I am deciding between Synergy or something like Savvy with Johnny Joints. I remember an article by Nth degree (Jim Frens I think) and they recommend clevite (at the time) over ball and socket joints due to NVH issues.