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Nth Degree LA Parts List Anyone Have a Copy?

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  • Nth Degree LA Parts List Anyone Have a Copy?

    Recently picked up an Nth Degree/AEV LJ LA for a really good price, but it appears like it may be missing a few bolts and spacers. Does anyone have an actual parts list that list the parts included as I know that Nth only provided these with the kits themselves, not in the installation instructions?

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    Do you have a photo of what you have -Pretty sure we could spot anything missing. The absolute best thing you could do is eliminate the gyro joints and their boxes/bracket system and use a Currie Johhny joint. Maybe these photos could help you.. There is a lot you can do to this to make it better -such as getting an actual coil correction kit from genright instead of the nth bolt on bracket and using a TMR transmission cross member....

    Click image for larger version  Name:	image_29015.jpg Views:	4 Size:	17.2 KB ID:	257699Click image for larger version  Name:	NthLongArm_1.jpg Views:	1 Size:	18.7 KB ID:	257701
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      I agree with Will replace the Gyro Joints. Post some pictures I installed two of these lifts and might be able to help.



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        Thanks guys. I believe that I have figured out most of the pieces and the nuts & bolts. At this point I do appear to have a few extra misc nuts and bolts that I haven’t figured out yet what there purpose is. After I get everything cleaned up I’ll get some pictures of what I have.

        As for the TMR Customs universal transmission cross member I was already wondering beforehand how easy it would be to use this over the Nth TAB. I presume that it eliminates it entirely and relies on the poly isolators that get mounted to the frame?? Also can it be used w/o a body lift as initially I was not planning to run one?

        So why the suggestion on getting rid of the gyro joints& subframes and going with Johnny joints instead?



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          It was my experience that the subframe boxes werent strong enough if you wheeled the jeep, the plates that covered the joints had the tendency to bow out. Because the joints are round they can spin inside the box and slowly change the length of the control arms. Additionally servicing them was an all day affair... I love the Nth skid and Ive had it on 3 different jeeps but Id rather have had a true flat skid and the ability to drop the skid without having to support the transmission/transfercase from dropping. You can put the tab that the stinger bolts on any skid, they actually used to sell that part and also a cross member for other installs. The best thing about this lift is its high clearance and the ability to really hook up, the stinger works awesome. The downside is the time it takes to install/service, find replacement parts, and all the little nuts and bolts that go on everything.... Simply what you have with johnny joints, add the crossmember (you can most definitely use that without a body lift), a flat skid and depending on lift height use the weld on coil correction kit and youll really have something incredible. Good luck with it!