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  • The Spider LJ

    I have this build on two other sites. so some of you might have seen this already. Thought I should post this here since it's mainly built around AEV products/Ideas (expedition)

    Last year. I flew out to NY to pick up this LJ that had all the factory equipment I wanted.

    drove it back to Denver.

    and stopped here on our back

    then got home and bought half doors, soft uppers and a soft top. and got rid of the chrome on the gril.

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    got JK axles for it

    and painted the hardtop inside out. Two tone gray on the inside and non gloss dark metallic gray on the outside.

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      I want the Jeep to look as stock as possible yet modded.

      so I took the JK Moabs I had and had them sand blasted! and powder coated.


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        Looks sharp!

        OPPS Please continue!

        Jason De Monto
        Trail Concepts
        2015 Jeep Rubicon
        Baja Yellow
        Dual Sport 106


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          after that. I took the Axles and TNT truss kit to the shop to have them welded

          Also got some Teraflex adjustable control arms and big brakes

          after that the Axles and truss got all welded


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            another far away shot showing the JK axle and LJ in the background

            I ordered 5 AEV center caps and installed them instead of the Jeep ones <-- those will be painted to match the Jeep and the AEV logo will be black

            Here are the half doors at the body shop. was testing different grays (flat and metallic)

            Rear brakes

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              got Mopar bumpers

              AEV Fenders/ hood test fitted

              Daystar switch panel (the goal is to make it look as stock as possible)

              Here we have the Gen Right Extended range 25 gallon tank


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                The front axle is in

                Gobi Rack

                Tera speed bumps

                37" MTRs with no lift in the rear


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                  Currie rear sway bar system

                  rear brakes/ speed bump mounts

                  cycling the suspension

                  IPF lights for the rack


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                    all tires mounted and cycling

                    ride hight


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                      JKS Switchblade Sway bar for the front

                      rear brake lines and speed bumps


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                        AEV tire carrier


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                          Front suspension

                          PSC Hydro assist

                          Warn 12,000 lbs winch


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                            PSC cooling

                            JK/TJ hybrid E-brake cable

                            Savvy taillights with MOPAR modified corner guards


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                              removed tubing on corner and made some tubes to mount the rack on the body and not the frame!

                              ARB Fridge with slider and wiring

                              Kilby rockers for the AEV highline. they have been sand blasted and powder coated