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  • x2...I come here for inspiration for my LJ build.


    • Originally posted by Lo2aY View Post
      Here we are early morning at camp site. this place also views Egypt, and is 15km away in a straight line. if not less

      a few miles away we stopped by this US airplane. story has it that the retired General of the Air Force flew his plane and landed there. then had some issues and left it there. and so people here (given their really high education) decided to decorate it. this is at least 40+ years old. pretty cool finding.

      found a link to the story of that seaplane. I love seaplanes, aka flying boats

      congrats on the great trip and that Jeep has seen some amazing places! World heritage site being among the coolest
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      • Very cool.
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        • Super build. Great job.
          Pick up virtue from everyone


          • Thank you for the positive comments.

            Originally posted by rubclt View Post
            I enjoyed your thread, thank you for sharing...

            With all the experience on the trail, would you build the jeep the same?
            The problem I have is building vehicles for similar applications.

            As of today, I have 3 expedition rigs. Spider being one of them.

            It's good for technical driving. especially with it sitting on 37s. The fuel is cheap here in the middle east. But when you target a remote location to explore. Fuel efficiency and capacity is key. The 4.0 and 5:13 gearing combined with these size tires is really not that great of a combo for long distance travel. Off-road it's amazing. Stable on obstacles and the traction overall is good.

            If this was my only rig I would probably go down to 35s and evaluate performance/ fuel consumption from there.

            I'm considering a different motor for it with better torque. That should allow me to change my gearing for better fuel economy and overall performance.

            Would I do it all over again?

            Short answer, YES!


            • Lo2aY checking in on Spider, still enjoying, any other modifications?
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