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  • Insurance

    Just curious who everyone is using to insure their AEV jeeps. I just bought a 2011 JKU with 4k original miles and am having a hard time finding a company to insure it for what it is worth with a JK350 package and the 6.4 Hemi conversion. Is there a specific carrier that is more AEV friendly than another, or is everyone just finding what they can.

    I appreciate any information you could share.

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    Chubb Insurance worked for me. I sent them receipts for build.


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      My agent for State Farm stated that If it came with the original vehicle, it's covered. They even called into SF Corporate office to explain the value of the AEV up-fit, and they have a copy of the original AEV window sticker on file to show what they are insuring. There was no additional premium charged to me for this added value. My agent also has in my file the rep that confirmed this from corporate headquarters.

      We purchase our AEV used, and I was very adamant about this being properly insured. I was willing to pay more money for proper coverage. As for additional items, like the aftermarket headlights, tail lights, and so forth, I'm not sure if they will add even more additional value if the vehicle was totaled.


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        Thanks guys I will have my rep give them a shout.


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          I have a 2017 with a 6.4L I ordered last year and took delivery of it in December. I use Farmers on all my vehicles. I have a couple of high end 150k plus cars as well as average trucks. Farmers has always been competitive and very service oriented.