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So I bought this jeep

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  • So I bought this jeep

    and without knowing exactly what I was getting into, but on the word of a friend of a friend who's a jeep guy and tech at the dealership that had it for sale, that it was already "done up" and was worth the money.
    After my purchase I started digging and found out that in fact it is an AEV JK350 Production Vehicle.
    Now my question, is there someway of getting the build specs of this particular Jeep, via the AEV Vin or something? I am trying to determine what has been done and with what parts so I can eliminate certain things on the future "mod list" and focus on the rest. Thanks

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    Originally posted by lucky73
    there will be small yellow AEV build plaque inside the passenger door. get that # and give AEV a call or email them for the specs and CONGRATS. awesome color
    yeah I found the build plaque, which is how I discovered it was a production vehicle, I'll see about sending that info over to them and hopefully get something back.


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      A Gecko Green JKU I am jealous! Is it a Rubicon?


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        Originally posted by PhillyAEV View Post
        A Gecko Green JKU I am jealous! Is it a Rubicon?
        No it's not a Rubi unfortunately, but I'm not complaining really, the doors are much lighter without all the power stuff when taking them off..