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2013 JKU Brake upgrade

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  • 2013 JKU Brake upgrade

    I am sure this topic has come up before and I am doing my best to look for answers.
    I have a 2013 JKU with a 3 1/2 " AEV Lift & am running, 17" AEV wheels, & 35" TOYO RTs
    I need some suggestions on a brake upgrade.
    I have seen a few suggestions but then also seen warnings of loss of stability and ABS if you upgrade incorrectly.
    Can I receive some advice from the Jeep world ???


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    I've got the Dynatrac pro-grips installed with my 35"s, bumpers, carrier, etc. and it stops the Jeep no problem. It may be a bit pricey but I have never had the horrible feeling that I may run into someone because the brakes were piss poor. They are fantastic.


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      Same here, running Dynatrac pro-grip and they are awesome. Definitely an improvement over stock brakes.


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        +1 on the DynaTrac


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          Is the Dyna Trac kit just Rotors and Pads or is it Calipers and more?
          Looking for it now I've seen kits that go from just pads to EVERYTHING!

          Thanks for the assistance!!!!


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            New larger rotors, pads and new caliper brackets to move the stock calipers out to the edge of the rotors


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              As many above had suggested, we use Dynatrac here as an optional upgrade. We work directly with Dynatrac and we strongly recommend their brake upgrade.
              Chris Holt
              Marketing Associate, AEV
              248-926-0256 x272


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                The dynatrac is great. Simple install. Feels like stock brakes with stock sized tires normally. But locks up the wheels in a hurry when you need them.

                2014 Granite JKUR w/expo stuff