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  • AEV Customer service..

    Does AEV always take over three weeks AND COUNTING to send a warrantee drag link to a dealership to fix the major wandering, steering sloppiness and death wobble on our trucks?

    Asking for an accident attorney friend....

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    In the past when I have called AEV to get a replacement part it has shipped within 24 hours... but it has never been warranty work. If I needed a part quick and you suspect a warranty issue I would offer to pay for the part with a reimbursement pending AEV receipt and inspection of the old part.

    One thing that I have seen in the past with AEV warranty work is they will ask for the old part back for inspection prior to replacement. This is to help them determine why a part failed, and if it was an issue with the part or installation/maintenance (improper torque maintenance is an issue with drag links leading to wobbles).

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    4.5" AEV lift, 37" Nitto Trail Grapplers, AEV front/rear bumpers, AEV Corners, Factory Ten Axle Shafts.


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      War Wagon, You can email me directly at [email protected] and I can check on your order for you.



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        Corey I responded to your p.m. I can email you as well,thanks sir.

        JeepinJon, The dealer is putting it on AEV. They needed pictures I guess but its still on my truck and there’s no way I’m going to leave my truck down for that long I need to use it daily. This dealer is not the brightest with aftermarket modifications even though it’s under factory warranty even when the part is not a whole lot different than factory.

        When I had the alignment done They told me the jam nuts were loose but they said all Dodges with this style drag link always come in the shop loose and the tie rod end was tight on the knuckle, But the actual joint itself was sloppy.

        I will run the replacement piece on here until I can replace it with a synergy piece. This truck is pretty much all highway I know my avatar showed me in Moab but that was one afternoon and should not get sloppy on a low mileage daily driver.


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          What ever happened with customer service handling your warranty parts?


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            Sorry I thought I updated this, turns out the dealer Morehart Murphy auto center here in Durango Colorado, they had the parts on their shelf and was a couple weeks before I finally called them out on it after I talked to AEV that they got me in.