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Time to get back into a Jeep!

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  • Time to get back into a Jeep!

    OK I had an 08 Wrangler Rubicon UL with an OME 2.5 in HD lift, BFG AT 33's on AEV Argent Pintlers (I bought them when they first came to Michigan in Walled Lake, I was the
    first customer there I was told) new front and rear bumpers I bought the Jeep new and had built up after a year of ownership.
    I LOVED it but had Death Wobble since the first week I owned it (stock) and never got better.
    Finally after 9 years I decided as I had a kid it was time to let it go and I replaced it with an 06 LX470 (with real wheels and tires!) and it's great BUT it doesn't have blue tooth and lots of
    stupid little creature comforts I am starting to crave again so I am ready to say goodbye to it and get back to the Jeep world!

    I am REALLY leaning towards looking for a pre owned AEV with the 2.5 in lift.
    I am only 5'6, I have a 5 year old and my wife used to complain my old jeep was too tall (the OME 2.5 HD lift sat a LOT taller than 2.5 in)

    There are some nice pre owned ones out there and I am right around the corner from AEV in Michigan for service or issues.
    I was really thinking 33's and 2.5 in would be ideal but it seems all the 2.5 in lifts have 35's. Do the 33's look too small?

    My other debate is I have seen a couple V8 AEV's pre owned which are at the top of my budget but I am tempted!
    I know they eat gas but I am used to that with the Lexus so that's not an issue LOL.
    Other issue is they all seem to be a 3.5 in lift on 37's. I know I can buy 35's or even 33's but will they look small?
    Is it likely to be too tall for a daily driver for someone my size? I really think so unfortunately...
    Is the V8 worth it if you don't really off road a lot? (honestly barely ever and what I would do is wimpy trails)
    I LOVE the sound of the engine and it seems to pull away a lot quicker off the line and on the freeway.

    I am really only interested in an AEV build. I know there are other options but AEV ride and quality is what I am after.
    And I want turnkey... If there ever is an issue its nice to be able to take it to the place that made everything not a local installer
    who does 10 other brands of lifts etc.

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    Well that's great news that you will be getting back into a Jeep soon. 33's do look small but if it's what works for you than do it. Most AEV's are built with 35's or 37's since they look great but also give clearance for off-road. As far as V8 goes, the power difference you can't explain you just have to get behind the wheel. I had a 6.4L which was awesome but a lot of the AEV guys prefer the 5.7L since you can use 87 octane and there is still plenty of power. You could look into power steps to help get in and out, AMP Research and Rockslide Engineering both make great steps. Good luck!


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      I ran 285/75-17 KM2s on my 2012 Rubicon with the 2.5" lift. It was great combination and I would run it again without question. The tires are narrow compared to a 35 or even the wider 33s on the market. The narrow width tends to reduce some of the pull felt in wider tires and helps to increase mpg.
      2012 JKUR 3.5 SC, F/R Bumpers, HRH, Savegres, KM2s


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        I prefer the 5.7L HEMI to the 6.1L and 6.4L, I've had all three. As far as 3.5" and 37", not enough clearance in my opinion especially if you go offroad at all. My Jeep is a 5.7L, 4.5" and 35" BFG's. I LOVE it..!

        Click image for larger version

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        Ben Hedrick
        HEDRICK Speedsports

        "We are a Small Garage with a Big Jeep Problem"
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          Ben, thank you! That looks AWESOME! Are those the RSE slider/steps? If so, any chance you could measure from the bottom of the step to the ground? If possible no rush, if not no biggie!
          That is about as close to perfect in my mind!! WOW IF I was getting this as a second car I would likely go 3.5 with 35's no hesitation but this will be my primary as I need the back to pick up stuff for my business and getting around with my kid in the winter. I will be getting another M3 or M4 likely as a second car again.