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Discontinuation of Argent color and now Silver for pintlers?

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  • Discontinuation of Argent color and now Silver for pintlers?

    What is the reason for getting rid of silver now from the pintler lineup? Why was Argent done away with? Just curious thanks.

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    Both are good questions with two different answers...

    Silver Pintler: This is our slowest moving color. Discontinuing a slow moving color like this comes down to the basic business principal that your inventory needs to turnover to make you money. The space in our warehouse is valuable and limited, so allocating space for a wheel that turns over once every 3 years, instead of a wheel that turns over 3 times every single year, doesn't make much sense. Personally, I like silver but I am apparently in the minority, so it's purely a business decision. Silver wheels across the board are our weakest performers in terms of volume.

    Argent: When Argent was first born back in the mid-2000's it was a very dark metallic grey, very similar to Onyx. However, over the course of the next decade Argent got "watered down"...literally, it would progressively get lighter with each batch. It was such a minute difference between batch to batch that the issue was never really noticed until what was once a very dark metallic grey finish, was now a color best described as dark silver. So, when we revised the Pintler back in 2014 (+/-) we decided to remaster the color to make it more like the "true" Argent, this time naming it Onyx.
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      Is the Mopar “Argent” color mineral grey? Silver is a classy/original pintler color with the yellow center-cap and hate to see that one going.