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Prospector XL 40" tires Milestar Patagonia 40x13.5-17

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  • Prospector XL 40" tires Milestar Patagonia 40x13.5-17

    Any one running this tire on their trucks? It has a c rating but up to 50psi. So that might be a good option to the others. Any help is great

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    Im running these tires in 35/12.50R17 on an LJ and love em! I understand my set up is much smaller than what you are asking about though. That said, I have no complaints and believe the Patagonia MT will gain popularity and soon be comparably priced to the popular brands.

    The only difference that I know of between my 35s and your 40s, besides the size, is that the lugs on my smaller tires are spaced farther apart making the tread pattern more aggressive.

    Still, I have no complaints with the tire, they are quiet on the hwy and excellent off road, in my experience.
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