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AEV Prospector Mega Cab Long Bed Conversion

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  • AEV Prospector Mega Cab Long Bed Conversion

    Has anyone ever done it? Yes this is crazy, but is it wrong.... could it work?

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    Yes, good friend did it with a dually. He put 150-200k miles on it and countless times he had extended warranty claims and the not only did the dealer rep no even notice something was a bit off but even Ram rep came to approve warranty repairs and didn't even notice. He had a rear end problem and the part number on the drive shaft was to coming up in the system and the service advisor told him that sometimes Ram uses a batch of one off parts and the part number is not recognized. A wholesaler bough it off him at the end and he didn't notice either. I think it was because he had a camper top on it and the body shop that did the conversion is very good and everything looked perfect. The kit is really nice and high quality.
    2015 Ram 3500 Prospector
    2011 Hemi JK Wrangler