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Synergy mfg Drag link and track bar fitment 2017 ram with PXL kit

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  • Synergy mfg Drag link and track bar fitment 2017 ram with PXL kit

    Hey anyone tried using Synergy Mfg replacement drag link or track bar. So far my whole weekend has been trying to make it work. The drag link wont work as far as i can tell. they say it can or he just didn't listen to what i was saying i had. Now that i have done a bush fix on my track bar , I am onto the drag link. Their instructions say to put it on the bottom of the steering knuckle , AVE have the special part that goes on theirs so it mounts from the top. My track bar is so bad that i have the death wobble going on . any help is great!

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    I haven't worked with synergy parts on the Ram but maybe my JK experience will help.

    On both the Jeep 3.5 inch lift and the Ram HD lift kit they flip the drag link to the top side of the knuckle. It helps with a bunch of stuff. On the Jeep you drill the knuckle out and put a tapper bushing adapter in. On the current Ram they use a different bushing and they do not drill out the knuckle due to it making it weaker and unsafe. You could run your synergy drag link to the bottom of the knuckle but you loose a lot of the steering geometry that AEV designs into their kit. Steering and handling will be affected.

    Synergy drag link ends can swivel so if you have the proper knuckle to bolt it to the top just turn it. If you have the newer AEV kit with a tapper bushing from the bottom you need to change out the knuckle to keep everything in spec.

    another thing I would be worried about if installing from the top is clearance with the synergy drag link end and rims. Synergy are larger then stock.

    It sucks no one answered you for almost a week. This Forum doesn't get the traffic like Facebook. Check out AEV owners group on Facebook.