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  • 2018 Ram Recruit

    Hi, I'm interested in buying a used Ram Recruit. Anyone have any feedback on owning one, downsides, negatives, positives, etc.?

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    I have a 2017 Recruit. Originally bought it because the Prospector XL wouldn't fit in my garage... Well, now that I have a dual swing arm bumper for the full size spare, doesn't fit anyhow! I love it. Get's me anywhere I want to go off-road, carries all our camping stuff with ease, and fits in parking spots better than a full size. I have ZERO complaints. Looks great, I get compliments on it literally daily. Real bummer is that sounds like AEV isn't going to re-up and try to build a recruit going forward so parts could get tough if something happens. Either way, LOVE MINE


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      Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I've talked to AEV several times about future parts availability. They said they'll keep parts for replacement orders/ accidents, etc., although that will not include the AEV wheels I'm told.


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        Unless you’re doing some serious hauling the 1500 is more than enough truck for most. The AEV Recruit builds are so dialed in, you seriously can’t find a better package. Built specifically for this truck.