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AEV value vs 392

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  • AEV value vs 392

    been looking at a 6.4 Aev had an msrp of about 110k. 2019 model.
    can purchase it a bit cheaper than the new 2021 rubi unlimited 392 from my dealer, he has one he's holding for me for a bit.
    what are your thoughts on the values of the 2? my concern with the aev woul dbe issues wiht the motor over the next few years, will the warranty hold, will the truck hold value same as the factory, better or worse? the AEV at a bit less has a lot more stuff, suspension, lights, options...
    factory 392 is nice and has the backing of the factory company...but more dough, more depreciation to be incurred.
    anyone go through this thought process? thoughts, ideas, good or bad one way or the other.
    im on the fence.

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    Just listed this 2013 AEV with the 392. It was an AEV built and owned vehicle. Has 49K on it. Selling for 50K.
    Click image for larger version

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      It depends on how much value you put in the AEV name. Some put a lot, some put very little. But if you’re on here I assume you put some. Only you can answer that question. A brand new jeep vs. a used modified jeep. If you love the AEV brand, go find a used AEV 392 that someone has babied and I bet you’ll be just fine. The one above looks pretty good.

      it’s all preference preference. I’m not about absorbing that new car depreciation and if you can get the similar jeep at half the price...but then again a new jeep only has your butt sweat in the seat, not anyone else’s...
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