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Road Trip to Cross Jeep Louisville

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  • Road Trip to Cross Jeep Louisville

    Typically , I don't do endorsements but I took a road trip from Columbus to Cross Jeep in Louisville ,Ky yesterday to talk to Chris and Doug about a new JKUR . Loved the place !!! Great AEV new and used inventory ,great looking dealership with a test track and the nicest people I've dealt with in the car business for a long time . I was also thoroughly impressed with their knowledge of the products and the business . I hate to say it but I wasn't quite able to find that level of enthusiasm in Columbus .I'm happy with the deal we put together and it would be hard to walk away disappointed dealing with these guys .

    On a side note it was good to know we were all real people .

    ( OK Chris give me the 20.00 !!) JK

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    Thanks for the heads up!!! I've spent a lot of time browsing their website. It's nice to know we have a great AEV dealership within a day's drive. I think they are about 4 hours from me and I also have one AEV dealer an hour away now. Oh the temptations....


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      Thanks for the kind words. We love being a part of the Jeep and Aev Family. Anyone on here feel free to stop by and try out our Jeep Test Track!
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      Chris Madison
      General Manager
      Cross Chrysler Jeep
      Kentucky's #1 Jeep Dealer
      502-693-5779 Cell
      502-459-9900 Ext. 204
      2005 Highline Rubicon Brute on 37's
      2006 AEV Hemi LJ Rubicon
      1970 VW Bus Sold
      1990 911 964 Carrera 4 Coupe Sold
      2002 AEV 112 Sold
      2015 Tank JKUR w/dealer installed JK-350 Sold
      2006 Highline LJ 37's Sold
      2005 Highline LJ 37's Dynatrac Sold


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        Road Trip to Cross Jeep Louisville

        Just pulled the trigger today on a '14 Rubicon today and I absolutely agree with Panhead5! I am in Cincinnati and called Chris @Cross Jeep after seeing some of their inventory in the Forum. Super knowledgable and responsive. In a short period of time, he did what another local dealer was taking days to try and sort out (and never accomplished)... Chris walked me through different ideas and we landed on the AEV options that fit my need and bam, deal done. Can't wait to pick it up!

        Probably the best vehicle buying experience ever. Period.

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          Glad to read this and keep up the good work guys. On a side note, I stopped by my local AEV dealer a few months back and I doubt they could even spell "AEV" if their life depended on it

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