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  • Question on Bike Rack

    If a jeep doesn't have a hitch and has 35inch tires...the 35inch spare is of course mounted on the back(lets say they have the AEV mount made for larger tires)...would adding a bike rack over the spare tire along with approx. 3 mountain bikes be to much weight? or does that mount allow for a bike rack that would mount through the center cap?

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    Lots of options here:

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      Why not just add a 2" hitch? It is an easy bolt on install even with the 4 pin connector option.

      I despise just about every bike rack I've owned except for 1up.


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        added the hitch...just purchased the hitch extender as I'm sure it will not be long enough to reach past my 35inch spare tire....thanks.

        got the 4 bike Thule bike rack....


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          FYI...with 35s and this bike rack, the tail gate still will not open as the tire hits the vertical part of the rack that remains in the way after you pull the pin to allow the bigger vertical part to tilt so that most tailgates with smaller tires would swing by. you more or less have to take the entire bike rack off in order for the tailgate to open if your spare is a 35!


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            Thule and Yakima make swing away carriers

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              Originally posted by etl330
              Thule and Yakima make swing away carriers

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              The problem with those is that they tie at the frame of your bike. If you have a carbon bike that's a no go ghost rider.
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                Use the Thule T2 with a hitch extender, it has a pin that you pull and the rack folds down so you can open the tailgate with bikes loaded. Had it on my JK350 and it worked great.
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