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  • To tow... or not to tow...

    I'm heading to an event this weekend which is 3 hours away from home, traveling up and down some hills / mountains along the way. I am really torn on towing a 3200 pound pop up camper with my 2012 JKU Rubicon (factory tow package along with every other option available).

    I have AEV 4.5sc, 37s, 4:10s along with the additional weight of premium bumper, warn 10s winch, rock rails, and easily 200+ pounds of gear (everything from clothes to tools). The camper does have breaks but I don't have a break controller installed.

    I have read other forums where people say don't do it, to take it slow and you will be fine.

    I lean more towards the respected opinions of the people on this forum... any thoughts?

    I also have a HEMI powered 2005 Grand Cherokee in the driveway. I know that will tow the trailer no problem but its just annoying to bring two jeep and twice the gas. Should I be safe than potentially sorry?

    2012 JKU Rubicon
    AEV 4.5sc / AEV Argent Pintlers / AEV bumpers front and rear / AEV diff covers / AEV rear diff slider / Warn Zeon 10s / Mopar enhanced rock rails / Dynatrac Pro Grip brakes / 4.88 gear ratio

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    What did you end up doing? Did it pull it?


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      I have a 19ft 3,500lb R-Pod travel trailer that I tow up down and through the Colorado Rockies with my 2015 JKUR with 4.5" lift and 37s. I did regear to 5.38s but have no problems towing up passes at all.

      There is an entire Facebook group just for JK/JKU owners with these campers:

      Jeep Jk /R-POD family
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