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Are these wheels real??

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  • Are these wheels real??

    Is that how the center caps are supposed to be?

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    Dont think so

    They have six lugs and the center bore is too big


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      I didn't even notice the 6 lugs. I was looking at the center cap as well being to big.


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        I think AEV for a very short time made a Toyota lug wheel.
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          Yes, I believe those are AEV wheels. Rare for sure.

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            AEV had some different open center wheels offered in a very low build volume. Here's a link showing the savage's on a Toyota:

            They had some 5 on 5.5's also if I remember correctly too. Will had a set that he was going to use on some full width axles once. I almost bought them from him
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              I want these wheels now!


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                I think AEV has differences if it is compared with others. I want to purchase 1 wheel from oversea to my country. However, it is so far, and delivery is very expensive, I will save money.


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                  I thought the wheels are real