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Copy of AEV Snorkel (INDONESIA)

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    Well I figure if they are cheap enough to buy them they are probably too cheap to have bought the original anyway


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      Originally posted by keji
      Thats not even a copy they are just trying to sell the AEV snorkel under their own name.
      This coming from someone selling replica handbags.
      "Dont wish for it,work for it."
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        Counterfeit AEV Snorkel. It's constructed in fiber glass and with the AEV name on it.


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          The same company doing the snorkel in Puerto Rico with the logo is also making a replica of your hood in fiber glass. They sell the snorkel and the hood to people telling it is original.

          I wondered if they are putting your logo on the snorkel why cant you sue them.

          Originally posted by AEV Dave View Post
          Its a cheap copy made in Malaysia with crappy linear plastic.
          • They pulled a mold off of one of our parts
          • they tell people to go to our website to get the instructions
          • they use our photos or photos of our snorkel
          • They claim its the same for less cost, when in fact it is poor quality and a much lesser grade material that will not hold up in the sunlight and is not nearly as strong.

          AEV Snorkels:
          • Are designed completely in house with our math data going directly to CNC machines to produce the tooling. The knock offs are pulling molds off our parts which have already gone through a shrinkage cycle in the mold process.
          • Our parts are produced in the USA
          • Use High density cross linked polyethylene, the strongest type of plastic in the world for such products. The knock offs are Low Density Linear Polyethylene.

          The same company normally rips off Safari Snorkel (ARB) but this time I guess they liked our design better

          Hopefully most people understand that you get what you pay for, after all considering they had ZERO R&D time or money into the thing, they should be able to sell it a lot cheaper then they are. If you look on Chinese sites, you can find ARB knock offs for $40.00...but they look like they cost $40 when you get them.

          Wait till you all see the fiberglass knock off I have at my desk from a company in Puerto Rico. It has our logo and everything in it and is basically a movie prop with tons of Bondo...



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            the money it costs to sue them makes it not even worth it..

            We have a candle jar with a US patent on it.. a US Patent is worthless in the rest of the world and our jar is being made (copied) in china and sent to the US (ours are made in New York, and just like AEV, the material we use if VERY different then the knock offs).. we cant afford to fight them so you bite the bullet.

            Zippo and Oakley has been going through this for many years, its frustrating
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              Just found this on EBAY..


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                Snorkel's Back up

                Just an FYI snorkels back up.


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                  Good lord, some of the threads (on the other forums) about these counterfeits definitely stir up some opinions.

                  Pretty soon it's going to be politics, religion, and "what do you think about the AEV counterfeit snorkels?" as things you don't talk about in polite company. lol
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                    Ya, my neighbor brought the subject up at a party last week and noone has seen him since. Rumor has it that a couple of guys in blacks suits and dark sunglasses drove up in a Brute Double Cab and hauled him away
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                      Hi Dave, you might want to have a word with this company in the UK that is selling the knock-off version of your snorkel. It is on ebay as well.

                      Tell them to sell the real deal please!


                      Also might want to have a word with these guys:

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                        A word hell? I suggest form a sort of ailiance with other related companies experiencing similar issues and call in some heavy support muscle.

                        If the DOD DIA CIA etc etc can and do manipulate even eradicate certain targets then why not privately. Shutting down rogue companies out of country coupled with the appropriate contacts can quickly put a stop to such piracy. When looked at closely, it can become just as any other mission with its risks.

                        No means to track it back to its originator, too many cutout men, blind alleys is all the authorities discover.

                        PooF-Thar it goes! momma? See those flames!?! WoW!!! Look at them flames and big dark clouds of smoke raising into the sky!!!

                        Disclaimer: Everything I just posted is for Entertainment purposes only, it does not reflect on AEV, or AEV products nor any other entity within this forum or its partners, this is mine and mine alone, I wrote it strictly for entertainment purposes only because I am an avid Vince Flynn Junky! I would like to think someday the United States of America will stop playing victim and somehow straiten their backs to a more upright position and build up some muscle growth and get on with business.

                        Oh? Did I say that?


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                          Once upon a time I had an interest in investigating this very area of endeavor. However, I could not merely work 20 or so hours a week as I wanted.

                          So... Here I sit tapping my fingers on this munchyfied drop~zone of a keyboard of mine.

                          Taking a gander at Google came up with so many hits pertaining to piracy it boggles the mind. Just in case anyone's interested click the link below. What you'll discover is literally every profitable product in some way or fashion being copied somewhere outside of the United States of America. Simply put, it's stealing, pure and simple. And yet, all we hear with our current administration~specifically our President is "Hear Heee-Hear-Heee!"

                          "I kiss you're hand and bow to you... Please accept my humble apologies for our being the greatest Nation on Earth!"


                          Seriously? It starts right there folks, states cannot regulate International Commerce, only the feds can legally go after such thugs, thugs who have no sense of creativity of their own, so they profit from those who do. I read where anywhere from 7 to as much as 10% of our Nations gross domestic product is mired in fake look alikes. Yet, it seems to me this administrations, (Possibly all past admins as well?) feel its no big deal, most folks believe when big business suffers loss they can write-it off. Not so, rules have changed people.

                          Piracy steals from us the "PEOPLE" and by the people (read entrepreneurs).

                          Point being, my above post was for entertainment and opinionated reading only. Okay, some more thought.

                          History of our country is filled with periods when and where law enforcement literally was non-existent, such as the great state of Texas. Even then, once the Texas Rangers formed they had responsibility to cover on horseback the entire state! Think about it? Imagine just how rugged these men had to of been in order to survive aaah... their patrol route Encounters were often violent, prisoner transportation wasn't exactly a science of officer safety as it is now, point is, lead poisoning on both sides of the track occurred.

                          With such nanny~dumb going on within our state department of foreign affairs, Hillary don't give a rats bowhind about other modern gang-stah folks ripping mer capitalist of their wares and goods.

                          As it was historically, few Rangers meant common citizens had to form their own Pose so as to chase down badguys and hang-em high... it was exactly like that. Private ranchers hired all sorts of desperadoes, anyone capable of handling a horse, a repeating rifle and pistol for not just ranch security, more importantly a highly mobile response team to intercept and annihilate various threats to what?

                          Valuable ASSETS.

                          We need a modern Pose, a group of tough as nails men and women who are not afraid to take risks with a specific mission to put real FEAR into these so called pirates. Their out there folks, only they have to remain hidden amongst the sheeple. Ever now and again, I have the pleasure of lifting a glass or two with such people.

                          Mission specifics, Training. Funding options go with planning. Just like the House that "Jack built"

                          ~A child's poem...

                          A novel idea...


                          Again-See above disclaimer, still in effect here. Mine and Mine alone.
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                            There is only one way to stop piracy, and that is if people stop buying fake goods, which as Americans are always looking for a deal we probably won't stop buying knock off products.

                            If you shut down one importer from bringing in fake products into the United States it will take them less than an hour to start up again under a new name. The government might be able to stop a container here or there, but in the grand scheme of things you would need to physically inspect every item coming into the country to stop it. You will spend more time and money fighting it than it is worth if you are the government, and most businesses don't have the resources.

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                              If I understand you correctly then... AEV is wasting it's time being overly concerned announcing an issue they as well as the government have neither the time nor the resources to fight the problem. When in fact, it was the government whom created the original sin way back during the Nixon administration.

                              Opening up eventual trade negotiations with Red China... all for the love of detente. It all started with them and it has gone Virol ever since. Back in 2000 I was almost kidnapped by agencies seeking sub-contractors to investigate pirated products, Guess jeans, Levis, Rolex... the list goes on and on. So, in effect, large businesses do in fact spend large sums of money to combat the problem.

                              Some years ago, commercial airliners went-down or experienced in-flight mechanical problems due to pirated parts (read inferior) to include military A.C. Exactly what and how many deaths/injuries are attributed to inferior stress fractured parts I have not a clue as I have no information and care little about researching to days stats.

                              As I view it, in the event an inferior lookalike AEV bumper were to give-way, whereby it caused severe injury, such as beheading a child standing nearby video taping whipped back under a stressful load...

                              AEV would be immediately finding themselves in a rather large law suit. Not only would it be well publicized, they'd suffer badly even misrepresented by the news media (Because they "Those" kind of people" do a tremendous amount of resource damage to our public lands (doctored/edited videos are shown) and soon, their insurance company attorneys show up for a video deposition etc etc

                              But then, I suppose according to some, it ain't no thang...



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                                I just don't see AEV having the resources to fight these companies other than to say that they do not support those products. To show this if people have bought the fake snorkel and were missing hardware AEV will not supply them with hardware. If a person can't show that their product was bought through an AEV dealer originally, they will not provide any support at all.

                                AEV could have a staff of hundereds of people working full time trying to crack down on the knock off AEV products out there, but it is a game where as soon as you shut one down two more pop up. There is no way AEV could get ahead of it with their resources.

                                Like I said the only way to stop the pirating of goods os for consumers to stop buying them. Until that happens the pirating will continue. The American mindset is that they always want something for less, and this is why these goods do so well in the United States. Until you change this mindset there is nothing any company or government can do to stop this 100%.

                                2008 Rubicon Unlimited
                                4.5" AEV lift, 37" Nitto Trail Grapplers, AEV front/rear bumpers, AEV Corners, Factory Ten Axle Shafts.