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Received these wheel badge stickers from my AEV dealer

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  • Received these wheel badge stickers from my AEV dealer

    I have a set of AEV wheels with the yellow centre caps. Had them for 4-5 years and thought I'd freshen the rims with some new centre caps.

    Ordered through my local AEV dealer and received these stickers in the mail. They appear to have a greenish tinge and aren't as sharp as the original versions. I was also hoping to receive the complete caps not just a sticker also.

    Are these genuine goods or something the dealer is selling? Can't say I'm too happy, as I really liked how the original yellow popped on the car. I've taken a photo of them next to the original cap from my spare thats only ever lived in the glovebox, so is "as new". You can see the difference.

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    Those are old ones I believe as in real old I think those were from the ROH wheels They may have had them in stock for some time.



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      You might be correct, I spoke to the dealer and he suggests they are AEV.

      He's as perplexed as me with regard to why they are a different colour.


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        If you order from AEV or an aftermarket parts company using the AEV part number you should receive the stickers and caps as a set. My guess would be they must have had the stickers for a while left over from a previous order and are either a prior part # or just dis colored. Hopefully you got a steep discount since you only got stickers and no coresponding caps.
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          They definitely look like the ones that were on my ROH AEV rims.
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            Originally posted by minimight View Post
            They definitely look like the ones that were on my ROH AEV rims.
            NICE looking Jeep!!!! Sweet!!!
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