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A new one - FleaBay: AEV Replica wheels

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  • A new one - FleaBay: AEV Replica wheels

    They call them AEV replicas. No AEV logo on center cap and fit and finish is not quite there. They will see a shit ton of these at under $900 for a set of 5.

    Pintler Argent -

    Pintler black -

    Pintler silver -

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    Knowing what I know about copyright, trademark and registers (I am a writer and FDA compliance editor for a pharmaceutical company) I would assume, to have a "replica" you have to have the rights to do so since you are using the original manufacturers name as the original manufacturer. Viagra knock offs are abundant, but those in the states know they can not use or refer to the original name or manufacturer.

    As for the other thread about ProCals, that's different. They are infringing direct copyright by using the copy from the AEV website and instructions, plus someone's YouTube video reviewing a real ProCal.