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    With the influx of counterfeited items on the market, I thought about how items like the NFL football hats or Jerseys are being tagged with a hologram emblem. I wonder if AEV would resort to doing something like this by creating a hologram AEV logo and attached it to the product. Would this add another type of security to their products or has technology advanced in this area. So would be pointless to even attempt to create a hologram logo. I guess the best advices for any customers is to buy direct and avoid any possibility of having to deal with inferior counterfeited products.
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    So I thought about another site which I've deemed as being "off limits" and it should be off limits to you as well. aliexpress is one of those chintzy sites which should be avoid. Offering a wide range of counterfeit products to mainly the Asian market or at least products from the Asian market. yet again and I can't personally verify if this is a counterfeit ProCal.. i would avoid the products anyway.

    Most sites like this, offer a "report item" link, but seeing how Aliexpress is purely Asian run and maintained, reporting these items would be useless. Regulations would need to be imposed on items like this from being allowed to enter into the united states.

    But I wanted to touch on user accounts here at AEV, I just did a search very the AEV forum members, and located bonbebong there's all indication that this account was created to spam visitors messages in reference to the Aliexpress products. has this members been banded because of these spam type messages?. This accounts last activity was 02-24-2016.
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      Yet Another Counterfeit AEV Product. This time it's the AEV rear bumper & spare tire carrier.

      As I said, these products being advertised on a strictly Asian site, are mainly for resale in the Asian or European markets. Clear indication that this is a Asian or European market is the images used with this bumper setup mounted on the jeeps or other vehicles. Note in one of the images the European style plates. Another image shows the reflective tail lights mounted low in the stock or factory bumpers. As this is a dead give away as to being a European style vehicle because North American Jeep Wranglers do not have these lower reflectors mounted in the factory bumpers.
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        As a 30+ year quality assurance inspector off an electronics assembly line, I wounder of ways which AEV can curb these types of counterfeit products. The ProCal PC board or chip could be conformal coated thus hiding the circuitry.. A redesign of the product conformal coating hiding the circuitry and a re introduction onto the market. Adding a hologram logo or other security options could reduce the chance of having this product ripped off. But I hate to say it.. having these products manufactured in third world counties, nothing is safe and it will be copied.
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          Most of the AEV products are made in the USA, but as soon as a product is made it is only a matter of time until they show up in Asia and companies are working to reverse engineer products to be sold on the black market. The issue really comes down to some countries not respecting patents, and setting up thriving black markets in the open now expanding that to the internet.

          Yes there are things AEV could do like coatings on logic boards, holograms, etc... but at the end of the day these companies are using AEV stock photos to sell counterfeit products so it doesn't help consumers going to those sites thinking they are buying a genuine product. AEV can easily tell which products are theirs, and which are counterfeit. The only way to protect the consumer is to continue to educate people to only buy from licensed distributors.

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