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The Road Chose Me: Driving an AEV equipped JKUR around Africa - 2+ years & 80,000mi.

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    Hi All,

    I roamed across Tanzania, finding remote places and friendly locals

    Tons more pics here :

    And now I have driven into Burundi, the tiny country that labels itself "The Heart Of Africa". I had to swap back to driving on the right after 10 countries driving on the left, and it feels exactly like West Africa.
    Ebola check at the border, totally French speaking, a lot less development, humidity, rain, mud and really raw.

    Border crossing story here:

    More Burundi here:

    It's a blast from the past to drop back into what feels like West Africa - A really good one!

    Africa circumnavigation in a Jeep Wrangler @ The Road Chose Me (previously Alaska->Argentina in a TJ)
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