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    Is anyone from AEV aware that this site is selling the AEV ZR2 Bison Rear Bumper Kit for $2,155? I was told a couple days ago via the AEV instagram that bumpers for the stand-alone ZR2 wouldn't be available until the summer, why would this third party site be selling the rear bumper already? Can anyone confirm the authenticity of the item, and more importantly the price?


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    Just so everyone is aware...this is actually a dealership owned website. It is definitely authentic but they are literally piecing this together from the crash parts/service parts directory and it is way more expensive than buying it as a complete retail kit (target MSRP $1,399) BUT this is the only way to get one right now and they probably realize that. I cannot also guarantee that they accounted for every nut and bolt either. GM required that they have XX qty of service parts on the shelf before the Bison hit dealership lots, in the event someone crashed one the first day they had it.

    We are still hand-to-mouth with GM right now on Bison front bumpers and rear bumpers, as they are still cranking out 2019 models but that is starting to slow down and we anticipate both will be available by summer.
    Matt Feldermann
    Marketing Manager, AEV


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      Awesome. Thank you AEV_Matt for the clarification.

      This was the first stand-alone rear bumper kit that I personally have seen, and was very curious about the circumstances around it.

      Thanks again!