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Diesel tail pipe

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  • Diesel tail pipe

    I'm curious what you all learned about dealing with the diesel's monstrous tail pipe while testing it off road? I haven't really put mine through the ringer yet, however it seems to be a rather big achilles heel in all of the Bison reviews.

    I believe they act as venturis to cool hot diesel exhaust under heavy load, such as towing, and during the regen cycle so the exhaust doesn't melt the bumper, front of a trailer, etc. However, I am curious what happens when they eventually get smashed up? Could the tip get cutoff without too much damage since the bumper isn't plastic on a Bison?

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    Hey BisonBomber!

    Great question. Yes, the tailpipe on the diesel trucks is pretty massive and very susceptible to damage. While we don’t have a fix, the GM performance exhaust will fix that (if/when it's available) or you could cut it off and modify it if damaged. Removing it would be no different than running an aftermarket exhaust system with a traditional tailpipe.