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  • auxillary switches

    Curious what you guys did for auxiallary switches for lightbars and such on the Red and tan Bisons. Seems like chevy dropped the ball on not including a couple knockout spots.

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    I'm sure there's other accessories you'd want to use them for, but at least for light bars, isn't there already a switch on the bottom right of the light control knob that can be used, the same one that controls the sport bar mounted lights? Couldn't you just wire all the "accessory lights" to be controlled by that factory switch?


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      That would work out well, I may have to order that switch. I didnt order the sport bar, planned to put a canopy on it. Currently looking at wiring the rear bumper lights to the cargo light switch, then running a light bar in the front.


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        It took a bit of digging but I was able to find it: , it's part of the factory roof mounted off-road light kit (I've got them on my 16 z71 Duramax trailboss).

        You can see in the picture it replaces the original factory switch with the bottom left button for fog lights and bottom right for the roof mounted off road lights. I don't see why you couldn't just wire up a light bar to be controlled by it instead and you get the seamless factory integrated look on the dash instead of a third party accessory switch.

        Click image for larger version

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          Just for clarity on how it works, the knob controls the regular lights moving across the settings on the top. The bottom left inside is a separate button for the fog lights, and the bottom right inside is a separate button for the off road lights.


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            Awesome! appreciate the help.


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              Just saw someone over on coloradofans did an install video of this on their GMC 2500 denali a few months back:


              Different vehicle but same switch so it might be useful


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                I installed spot lights front and rear, and a twin arb air compressor, still planning on adding side lighting and a lightbar, so I installed the Bantam SPOD with touch screen...only 1 wire to run to cab, and can run upto 32 seperate switches if you need that many


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                  I ended up doing the same thing, went with the bantam Spod with the HD switch panel. Currently i have the wire run up the drivers side door trim and the control panel on a suction cup Ram mount to the windshield. Waiting for expedition essentials/ 67D or someone else to make a mount system hopefully for the pocket on dash above the stereo. Im using it to control rear bumper lights,front light bar and ditch lights. Will be controlling a compressor soon as well.