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Engine Skid plate on z71 install problems

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  • Engine Skid plate on z71 install problems

    Trying to install the engine skid plate on a '16 Z71 and I'm pretty sure there's some missing instructions and hardware. When attaching to the rear front cross member the instructions assume you can use the existing holes from the factory skid. That's fine for a zr2 but on a Z71 since the factory skid is tiny and doesn't go all the way back then the center most hole doesn't exist and the outer most hole is large and rectangular, not small and threaded. I believe for this to work then the center most hole needs to be drilled and then have the mounting bolt self tap into the frame. For the outermost hole a flag nut seems to be needed since there's nothing for the provided bolt to attach to. Or perhaps a specialized flag nut with a long bar and two nuts like the tcase skid uses (one used for both the engine and transmission skid and the other just for the transmission skid) and a single regular flag nut for the outermost engine skid mount point.

    These same two locations are also used when mounting the transmission skid bracket so I can't install either until this is resolved.

    aevRJ or AEV_Matt, please advise.
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    Thanks for the message chuckatkins. I'm sorry you're having trouble with the installation.

    It sounds like you've spoken with our tech support person Patrick and that he's working with your directly. I wanted to reply to this message in case anyone else is having the same problem.

    We're currently working with our engineering team to get this sorted out. Clearly our existing installation guide isn't covering this well enough. I'll be posting revised instructions and more information as soon as we have the issue resolved.

    If anyone else is having this problem, we appreciate your patience and we're working on a solution.