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Installation of the transmission skid

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  • Installation of the transmission skid

    A small update requsted to the installation instructions for diesel owners:
    instead of working from driver side to passenger side, you should advise customers to install the far passenger side one first as it is a huge pain to wrench on the bolt under the exhaust. I found that having the bar missing next to it allowed easy... Well, easier access to wrench on that bolt. Once that one is on then proceed from driver side to passenger. Or if they were numbered, install 7123456 where 7 is the passenger side.

    Not a fan of bar #7 lol. That sucked.

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    Also, for the diesel owners, it does not state if the bend on the Y bar goes up or down. We can tell it goes to the back of the truck but cannot tell it's orientation. I mounted it down as it was my best guess but it sticks down low in that position. If anyone else has installed this, let me know if i need to flip that over.
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      Putting these bars on for gas sucks, i assume diesel is the same. I broke down and just used heavy grade bolts and loc tite, I was having a hell of time tightening those carriage bolts down from the backside.

      Yeah, now I have non rounded heads on the bottomside that could conceivably catch an edge...I said hell with it, they'll round off in a pinch if I get that stuck. My knuckles were telling me, give up already.