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    Just purchased a 21 Colorado Bison, so far loving it, one thing I'm not loving is all the chrome emblems. I've found the part number for the blacked out Colorado emblems, but that only comes with the ZR2 emblem, not the AEV one. Does anyone know if the blacked out aev emblem that can be seen in some of the pictures on their website is plasti dip'ed or if there's one that is made all black? Also if I could get a picture of one that's is blacked out from up close, to determine if this is really what I want to do, that would be great.


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    Another option, my co-worker is really into 3d printing and and said he could probably print the AEV emblem for me if I can find an STL file of it or a CAD file of the emblem. Don't know AEV would release that to the general public though, there's probably some trade marks involved...


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        So I was able to find the part number for the original chrome AEV emblem (84211000) and ordered it just in case I screw up with plasti dip or just don't like it.
        It would still be cool if someone from AEV could confirm that this is how they're blacking out the emblem on their builds. Also I was able to find a youtube video of their flat bed build that did have a close up on the blacked out emblem and it looks like they managed to keep the black glossy section black and glossy (You can see that here, @1:01)

        I don't know how I feel about the black on black with this, and I did find a guy on Instagram that has plasti dipped his emblem but instead of leaving his glossy black sections, he painted it white with acrylic to match his truck. I'm not sure if he did this because he didn't like the black on black look either, or that the plasti dip wouldn't peel easily from the glossy sections. This makes me wonder if AEV masked those area's prior to doing plati dip (if they even did plasti dip... so many unknowns)
        Thanks to @tb_arizona on Instagram for letting me share.
        Click image for larger version  Name:	20210812_004042568_iOS.jpg Views:	0 Size:	184.0 KB ID:	266801
        Click image for larger version  Name:	20210812_004105299_iOS.jpg Views:	0 Size:	116.0 KB ID:	266804

        Last thought, since I'm getting a new emblem anyways, I may try to cut out all the gloss black areas with a dremel and see how that looks...
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